In 2006 we decided to buy a dog. That decision we took together with our children. From the very beginning we were looking for a family and working dog. After 8 months of search a yellow lab that called Disa came to our home. She turned over the home upside down. In that time we didn’t think to start the kennel. After some dog shows, working training we felt in love with Labradors.  This is how the story of z Królestwa JAMIDOTO’s kennel begun. The kennel name arises from the two first letters of our names JAśMIkołajDOminikaTOmek.

The most important in our breeding is to breed dogs according to breed standard. Particular attention is paid to the exterior and working skills. Our dogs are under the constant supervision of a veterinarian. The greatest joy gives us spending time with our dogs, the fun part and working. Breeding is not our livelihood. Dogs are our passion and hobby. We always offer advice, assistance. We answer every question. We invite you to view this site. Have a nice time in our company. Enjoy it.